The Quilted Scot
Dr Bonnie's Trunk Show
Dr. Bonnie has entered many local, national and international quilt contests  
This trunk show is a small
sampling of quilts that have
been created by Dr. Bonnie.
There have been over 4 dozen quilts created and given to friends and family on their
special occassions.   Her quilts have been given at weddings, baby showers,
baptisms, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, and various holidays.
Dozens of quilts have been donated to various organizations
"Dr. Karen's Quilt" (40" x 40") was given to celebrate her graduation.  Here was the
story of this quilt:  The school was the center of Karen's life while she was studying for
her doctorate.  The flying geese represent everyone who "flew" around her to give her
support during her studies. There are 12 friendship star blocks -- 8 that are visible
representing her family and friends and 4 that are quilted into the white areas that
represent those who stayed around her in spirit.  
"Lindsay's Wedding Quilt"  (40" x 40") was given to
a niece at her wedding shower.  This quilt has one
center block and four outside blocks that are hand
embroidered.  The quilt is machine pieced in
1930's fabric and it is machine quilted.
All of Dr. Bonnie's quilts have
been given a name -- and
each has been inspired by a
special story.   This quilt was
"My Westy"  and was
in memory of her family dog
that lived to be 18 years old.
"Little Lamb" (36" x 36").  It was donated to a
women's shelter with the intent of being given to
an abused child.
"Ribbons and Stars" (36" x 36").  
It was entered into a local quilt show
sponsored by the Quaker Quilters Guild.
"Five Quilters Growing in Their Passion for Applique"
(20" x 20").  It was entered into the Alliance for American
Quilts Challenge and displayed at the American Quilters
Society Quilt Show .  The center block is hand appliqued
and embellished with embroidery and beads. The block
is machine pieced and quilted.
"Pemaquid Point Light House"
(36" x 48").  It is hand
embroidered and appliqued
plus it is machine pieced and
quilted.  It is currently housed In
Cooper Quilt Collection,
North Carolina
Multiple quilts have been displayed at shows or galleries.
"Little Scottie" (20" x 20")  was
donated to "Heart to Heart Animal
Shelter" who raffled it to obtain
money for their treasury.
"The Sun" (40" x 40") was
displayed at a Fiber Arts Show.  
The sun is machine appliqued
with machine thread painted
eyes and mouth. The
background circles are raw
stitch machine appliqued.   
There are embellishments with
varying size beads.
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