Frank and Bonnie's Doggies Over the Years...
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Camping Adventures
"Murdo" a male brindle -- plus
Flora" a female wheaten -- are
brother and sister
.  This photo shows them at
age 3 years (born April13, 2009
and joined our family on July 12,
2009).  They camped with us in our
2012 Scotty HiLander, our
Winnebago Itasca Navion iQ 24G,
and now in our Winnebago Journey 36G.
"Piper," our male West Highland Terrier,
was a puppy with Angus, a youngster and
mature dog with Drummer, and an old dog with
Flora and Murdo.   Piper lived to be almost
18 years old (born on Dec 15,1991; joined our
family in March 1992; lived until July 22, 2009).
He passed away 3 weeks after Drummer
passed...of loneliness for his companion!
Our lives have been enriched with the opportunity to
have Scottish doggies join us in our adventures...
Our first Scottish Terrier we named
Angus" and he was just 8 weeks old when
we brought him home.  His adventures
included marching in the color guard of a
local Scottish bagpipe and drum band.  He
was almost 14 years old when we brought
a puppy, Piper, into the house.  This
seemed to rejuvenate Angus who lived
about another 6 months before he passed.
(born in June 1978; joined our family
August 1978 and lived until Dec 12, 1992).
"Drummer," our male Scottish
, joined our household
when Piper was about 2 years old.  
He was "best pals" with Piper and
they both kept each other in
sight.  Drummer lived to be almost
16 years old (born on Jan 1, 1993
and lived until July 6, 2009).